Dear friends of Mexico Ministries:

Greetings from Tuxtla, Chiapas. I trust that you had a good Thanksgiving and hopefully you had time to be with your family and friends. Life is so short, and we should treasure the times we have to spend with those we love.

I am here in Tuxtla for our annual ministers convention. Many of these ministers were with us for the dedication of the new church in Tuxtepec last month. It was such a beautiful service and beautiful church building. Everything went perfectly. The speakers were all wonderful, the singing and worship was great, and the food was fit for a king. In fact, I felt the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords throughout the entire day. New thoughts were birthed in my spirit that day and I will probably preach some of them soon, including, “Don’t offer God your leftovers, give Him your very best.” We certainly did not offer God leftovers in the building of the Tuxtepec church; we all gave our very best, worthy of the One who gave us His best - His only begotten Son.

My agenda for 2019 continues to grow. In January I will be in Atoyac, Guerrero beginning construction of a parsonage for Pastor Jose. Hopefully it will be finished by his wedding in April. I will also build two mission churches in the Tuxtepec area beginning in February, and I must find time to build a rather large church in Tzabalho in the Chenalho area of Chiapas.

I received a call a few weeks ago from someone who asked, “How do you raise funds?” I replied, “I don’t.” It may have seemed strange for him, but no one can ever remember me begging and pleading for finances; after all, this is not my ministry, but God’s. God has given us the best friends and supporters that one could ask for. Together we have met the needs of the people of Mexico for forty years. You have done your best, I have done my best, God has done his best! And...

...the best is yet to come!

God bless you,