Dear friends of Mexico Ministries:

Greetings in the love of Jesus our Lord. October was a very busy month for me and the ministry, and November promises to be active too. In October I was in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca with a group of 20 men from McKinney, TX who worked hard on the foundation of the new ministry center there. I also made a trip to Chiapas to survey the earthquake damage, and met up with a church group from Missouri who helped build a new mission church there.

I’m taking the space of this newsletter to share with you an encouraging message I received from LaNell Miller from Church on the Rock, Texarkana. Her words were a great comfort to me

I have seen one of the largest Banyan trees in the U.S. in Maui. It spreads out wider and wider. It looks like many trees, but it is all one tree. It’s branches put down roots, but the branch is still connected to the main tree. The largest Banyan tree is in India and it spreads out over almost 2 hectares (or 4.67 acres). The Great Banyan looks more like a forest than an individual tree. Another Interesting fact that I learned this morning about the Banyan tree. The largest tree in India now survives without its main trunk, which decayed and had to be removed in 1925. 

God says that you have been like this Banyan tree and have cared well for the churches and people that I have put in your heart. You have insured that they were healthy and you have provided for them. And God wants you to know that because these churches have put down roots and have become solid and strong, that even when you are no longer able to care for them they will continue to grow strong and branch out and put down more roots. You have taught them well. You have done your job exactly the way I have led you. And you can be assured that this ministry will continue even after you are no longer able to come and go because they have put down roots and will continue to grow strong.

Visit for a short video about the Banyan tree.

God bless you all,