Dear Friends,

Greetings in our Lord Jesus’ wonderful name.

September has come and gone, and I am back in the state of Chiapas. In a few days, I will be joined by Pastor Michael Gamble, along with friends and members of his church near Dallas. We will complete a beautiful new church for Pastor Jose. Jose is the reason I wrote the book, “Hungry for God” a few years ago. The televangelists had been saying you could not be a good example of a child of God and live in an old house and drive an old car. From the time that I wrote that book until today, Jose (who didn’t fit the televangelists’ model) has evangelized and raised up 28 congregations for whom we have built 28 mission churches. I wonder if God is willing to say, “Jose is my son?”  I am absolutely sure that God is very proud of His son, Jose.

This month, I will also be joined by Preston Wood Baptist Church of Dallas. Together, we will build an annex to Pastor Fabian’s church. This will be a multi purpose building. It will replace the old youth center. Notice the picture of their current youth center.

Later in the month, I will be joined by a new church group from Louisiana. (Normally, when ministry teams like this visit, I do my best selection menus and having them well prepared. But I am not too worried about this group. They say Cajuns from South Louisiana will eat anything. I guess I ought to know. “I be one of them”.) Together, we will build mission church for Pastor Maria. Maria’s husband, Mariano, has been one of our leaders and presbyters. A few years ago, Mariano died of complications resulting from diabetes. Maria continued the ministries of her late husband, which now consist of more than twenty mission churches.

In November, I will be back in Texas. I will be speaking on November 8 at Pastor Gamble’s church. 

A month ago, I preached a message on love being the foundation of a good marriage and family. In Genesis 29, Jacob falls in love with Rachel. Verse 27 tells us that she was “beautiful of form and face, and Jacob loved Rachel.”

If you’ve never really fallen in love, then learn to love. My mother and father were raised in a small town on the banks of the Red River in South Louisiana. The day before my father was to marry, his wife-to-be ran off with my mother’s boy friend. My mother asked my father, “Would you like to get married?” He said, “Might as well.” Their marriage lasted more than 60 years and produced 10 children.

I never really just “fell in love” with missions and Mexico. But, I learned to love both. Now, some forty years later, that marriage has produced thousands upon thousands of offspring. Spirited children of God, serving our Lord. My life has been, and still is, an extraordinary adventure.

Thank you so very much for traveling this journey with me in both prayer and financial support. 

May our Lord repay you in multiple ways.

If you have not fallen in love with Jesus, learn to love Him. He really loves you.

Larry Myers